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Artist Statement

Dolphin JS Yip is a Visual Artist based in Hong Kong whose primary medium is Ink and fluid paints. Being incredibly influenced by the Spiritual learning and Meditation practice since her early twenties, she reflects her path in spirituality in her works.

She gets inspirations from the colors that surrounding her, feelings and emotions of everyday life, and inner vision through meditation. This explains the strong reflection on the cosmic rhythm and cycle of Life in her works.

With 10 years of mindfulness practice, Dolphin JS alchemized meditation with expressive arts and founded a neo form of meditative practice “Soul Painting” in 2016. She emphasized on the inner wisdom emerge during the painting process to push the boundaries of not only how we view art but also how we view the world.

She believes that “Every painting creates a healing space for both the artist and the audiences.”  It is a record of the inner wisdom and transformation of her alchemical journey, at the same time, the soothing energy expands to the Audiences and the Space where the art connected to. 

Though meditation and intention setting prior to every project, her healing arts are beyond beauty, taste and style. It is a deep connection with people, time, space and the World. Her vision is to create calming space and bring Joy and Harmony to the World through meditative healing arts. 

“ To me, art is not limited to the end-product but the whole process starting from the moment we breathe with our intention and touch our deepest feelings at heart. More precisely, every painting is an Inner Journey of the Artist, an Adventure for the Audience and a Calming Portal for a Space. ”

Dolphin JS Yip

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From Corporate Life  to Artist

Prior to being a full time visual artist, Dolphin JS has worked in Marketing and Training field with the World's leading brands GlaxoSmithKline, Apple and HKUST Business School for more than 8 years. Yet, art was never new to Dolphin JS.  She has been in love with colors and painting since she has a memory. For more than 12 years, she painted every day at her tiny wooden desk in the old barn of her grandparent's house and was trained under a traditional art curriculum at school.  

Quitting a stable and well-paid job is never easy. With inborn Hip Joint Dislocation condition and a couple of operations being done at very young age, Dolphin JS was told by the Doctors there will be a high chance to rely on wheelchair in the rest of her life. She suffered continuous pains until she started her spiritual practice in mid-20s and realized that physical illness is highly related to psychological condition, beliefs and values. At 35, her hip got self-healed by a shift in core beliefs and not bothering her anymore. She was then inspired to live out her passion without any delay and fully focus on Art Healing for people in needed.


In 2016, Dolphin JS founded "Soul Painting", which is a Meditative Art approach supported her to recover from Postpartum Depression. This simple and fun meditative approach creates a boundless space for adults to enjoy inner peace, freedom of creation and regain their passion in life. After running over 100 healing sessions and workshops for audiences from different cultures and backgrounds, Dolphin decides to bring the concept of Inner Joy and Freedom of Creation to more people in Hong Kong through various art forms by an extended network. She founded Art Of Dove Meditative Art Studio in Jun 2018.  

Media Highlights


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Solo Exhibitions 


色相 · 人生 | The Color Alchemist , Artland Gallery

" Life is a Alchemical Journey - an inner journey to turn experiences into inner wisdoms."  Color Alchemists go through inner transformations through being with the changes of flowing colors.  This process brings inspirations and tune in with our inner voice and it is the essence of “Soul Painting” founded in 2016 by Dolphin JS Yip.  This series of paintings is inspired by the “Soul Painting” philosophy, combining intuitive painting technique to record the inner alchemy journey of Dolphin JS in the past decade - a journey from me to "Us"; from ego to the "Spirit"; from self to the "Cosmic Whole". 

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